Monday, 29 April 2013


A smile can speak a thousand words. This is so true. So often we see people for years and yet are afraid to smile or acknowledge them. The reasons may be varied, we may be afraid of the other person not reciprocating or we may feel embarrassed about smiling at a stranger. But the truth is we just need to go that extra mile. It takes just a smile to break the ice.
Everyday I would take Anagha to the Ganesh temple near my house. There is this lady who visits too. We would see each other but pretend not to recognise and would see past each other. And then my trips to the temple became fewer and whenever I did visit I would not see her which got me wondering if all was well. Yesterday I met her after a long time, though we were both hesitant for a while both smiled at the same instant and the ice was broken. She enquired about Anagha and me about not seeing her for a long time. Nothing uncomfortable, on the contrary it felt like I had known her for ages. Just like that a new friend was made.
This and numerous other such experiences have led me to firmly believe that sometimes it just takes a smile and a kind word to not only make new friends but also open closed doors. So the next time you see a familiar face but are hesitant, just go ahead and flash a smile, and more often than not you will get it back.

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