Friday, 23 August 2013

Proud to be a woman

Not sure when woman’s day is but thought of writing this post as a tribute to all the women I know!! The "I" below does not always literally refer to me but to all the women I know particularly my mother, mother in law, my sister my friends and others in my family. 

Ten reasons I am proud of being a woman

1.     My parents brought me up without making me feel inferior to boys.
2.     I am the mother of a most beautiful child coincidentally a girl.
3.     I am blessed to be married to a man who firmly believes that women are capable of more than just cooking and looking after kids and has never prevented me from doing anything I wanted to just because I am a woman. 
4.     I have the inborn ability to adapt to any situation a quality rarely seen in men. How else would you explain the tradition of women leaving their parents home after marriage and not men?
5.     If I set my mind to it I can achieve anything I want.
6.     I can do everything a man does and much more.  So while men can only scale heights at their workplace but act like a piece of furniture at home women can handle work and yet come home and fix a meal, do other chores read the kids a bedtime story and put them to sleep before calling it a day. 
7.     I love my parents in a way no son can love.
8.     I am compassionate and thoughtful and emotional. 
9.     I have the ability to multitask, so I can brush my child's teeth and prepare breakfast at the same time.
10. I am selfless when it comes to my family, the “me” is given the least priority.

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