Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Another New Year

Yet another new year, yet another time to wish near and dear ones happy new yr, yet another set of new year resolutions. The year ended on a busy note for me personally with a wedding in the family, accompanied by pre and post wedding religious ceremonies and a trip to Goa. This year’s New Year eve was spent without hubby, leaving me feeling a bit incomplete. It also brought back fond memories of last year’s new year eve spent at Bangalore, one of the best in many years mostly because I had my whole family with me at that time, mum, dad, sister , hubby and kiddo.

This year I hope I am able to stick to my new year resolutions. Some of them are:
1) Being positive all the time
2) Learning cooking
3) Being more upfront
4) Taking care of myself

Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, Hope the New Year brings in a lot of happy times for everyone! Wishing you all folks a happy new year!!

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